Make them wait. Or not?

This is something what has always been happening. But even more so in last 3 years because of the economic changes that happened made employees beggars and employers choosers. And at such circumstances, beggars cannot be choosers whilst choosers are making their money worth of that situation.

Imagine a situation, well, you probably don’t need to imagine that if you are or ever been an employee. You finally get invited for an interview with the company to talk the role you are actually interested in (or weren’t initially but the interview made you interested, which is even worse, for you), you give your best, you make an impression, everything went well, you got a timeline by when you should hear back. Only, you don’t hear back during that timeline, even after and even after a while. So at that point, or before that, you send an email saying how you appreciate the time you spent with the interviewers, how you enjoyed the experience and how you are excited about the opportunity. That deserves a response, right? But you are not too surprised when you don’t get any as you are used to bad recruitment practices, to some extend.

Now, it is a month later and you finally got a response, hurray! But the response puts you in dismay. It basically states that the company is still interviewing other candidates and they will get back at you once they make a decision.

This is, unfortunately, a normal situation that every job seeker faces way too often. My questions are, how is it possible that companies think this kind of behavior is acceptable, both from personal and professional point of view? Why do they think that the candidates will still be available when they kindly decide to make a decision? If the candidate is not good enough for the role, let them know, ideally with constructive feedback they can learn from. If they are good, hire them, before someone else snatches them.

Be kind | Be human | Be professional

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